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Showers & Tubs

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Showers & Tubs 

Showers and Tubs Repair Services In the Colorado Springs Area

Every service you need for your bathroom pipes, showers and tubs can be done at BPR. We can make your bathroom more reliable, modern and aesthetically pleasing.

Showers and Tubs Repair Services In The Colorado Springs Area


Our services include first and foremost, diagnosis of problems. You want to know why things are not working as they should. We will discover the issue – even if the cause is not obvious. Then, we will explain it in terms you can understand.


Fixing Leaks

The need to take care of leaks is very common. We are skilled at tracking down and fixing any leaks, including those in your bathtub, shower, sink or connecting pipes.



No matter what repair you need in your bathroom, we will fix it if you choose. Certain items may become so damaged or worn that they will never work well again. In those cases, repair is out of the question.


Choosing Replacements

In some cases, we might decide together that the problem is beyond repairing and some replacements should be done instead. It is not unusual for an older home to have a bathroom sink or tub faucet that no longer functions properly. Whenever needed, we can help you choose excellent replacement parts.



We will install all new items professionally so they will work properly in the future. We have all the right tools and all the experience needed to replace old fixtures and pipes, or to put in new ones altogether.


Green Plumbing

We can equip the baths in your home with water saving measures and make them more energy efficient. For instance, we can help you with water conservation by installing new low-flow shower heads. You might also choose tank-less water heaters to save on both water and energy.


Drain Cleaning

Stopped up drains can be a nuisance and even cause a health threat. We understand that you need these situations to be resolved quickly. Therefore, we are available to come to your home and clear out any clogged drains in your bathtub as needed


We will keep this part of your home in excellent repair. We will also consult with you to help you find all the fixtures, knobs and other bathroom items that will suit your tastes yet still be long-wearing and reliable. Then, we will install everything to your specifications based on what you want for your home. We will make sure that you can use all your bathroom amenities in comfort and convenience.


Signs and Symptoms You Need Plumbing Help

Symptom: Your sink drains slowly or gurgles when it drains:
A plumber can help you efficiently and effectively. The P-trap may need to be cleared. If so, that section of the pipes needs to be disassembled, cleaned and put back together. On the other hand, your problem might be a clogged drain. This is a messy job, and it is a task that should be done carefully to avoid damaging the pipes.


Symptom: You have a pool of water in the cabinet under your bathroom sink:
If there is actually standing water below your sink, The P-trap may be rusted and need to be replaced. If you do not get the pipes fitted back into place and sealed securely, the problem will continue to occur. Using a plumber will avoid this problem.


Symptom: Faucets drip constantly:
You probably know that your faucet has worn or damaged seals or valves. A plumber can repair it quickly if it is a high quality faucet. However, replacement of the entire faucet system might be the best option in some cases.


Symptom: Water comes out from the shower head in an irregular pattern, or has restricted flow:
In some cases, you might be able to clean out a minimally corroded shower head yourself using chemical cleaners. If the problem is severe, a plumber will be able to take it apart and clean it thoroughly and put it back together. We will also know when it needs to be replaced.


Symptom: You have water on the floor when you take a shower even though you have a tub enclosure:
This could point to several different problems. It might be that the doors need to be caulked or sealed. If they are warped or damaged, they might need to be replace. Still, it could be something related more to the pipes and fixtures, like a crack in the tub or a shower head with a wild stream of spray. Unless you stumble on the solution right away, it is a good idea to contact BPR to help you out.


Symptom: Your water bill takes a dramatic jump:
Our plumbers can find the location of any leak. If it is in your bathroom, it might affect any of your fixtures or the pipes connecting them. Our plumber will help you decide what the next action will be based on the situation.


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